Our mission is
to make our world more inclusive


By teaching children (and grown ups, too) to embrace each others' differences, we can achieve our goal of a more inclusive world.

No, really? How?

We create children's books, classroom posters, apparel, and more to spread our message and spark conversations. 75% of our profits go toward likeminded organizations (you decide which), and the other 25% goes right back into ours.

We also work to encourage classrooms, children's brands, advertising agencies, and media companies to have open conversations and greater disability representation.



Because people with disabilities make up the world's largest minority group, yet they are often the least represented in society. As a result, people don't know how to interact with and/or include them. But disability shouldn't be a source of discomfort. It should be celebrated. So that is why we're here.


It all started with a cat

You see, Maya has an extra chromosome. When we saw the photo of her that The Odd Cat Sanctuary had posted of her—with her googly eyes and messy fur—we fell in love. When we adopted her, we started an Instagram on a whim and posted a photo. It just kinda took off! And it continued from there. To read her full story, click here.


And some incredible girls

Maya's catmom, Lauren, has been coaching a Special Olympics gymnastics team nearly every Saturday since she was 12 years old. Lauren loves every athlete on her team, and learned early on just how important it is to embrace disability. She saw the same thing in Maya she sees in her athletes, and just knew it was meant to be.


Now, it's a platform

We want to use our newfound platform to create positive change for special needs animals and people alike. Because we are all worthy of being accepted, included, and loved. 

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