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Our mission is
to make our world more inclusive


By teaching children (and grown ups, too) to embrace each others' differences, we can achieve our goal of a more inclusive world.

No, really? How?

We create children's books, classroom posters, apparel, and more to spread awareness and spark these conversations in classrooms, at home, online, and in our communities.

We also work with classrooms, brands, advertising agencies, and media companies to provide greater disability representation in all forms.


Because people with disabilities make up the world's largest minority group, yet they are often the least represented in society. In fact, nearly 1/4 of the US population is living with a disability today.


But due to lack of representation, hushed voices, and stigma, many able-bodied individuals don't know how to interact with and/or include them. (Hint: it's just like anyone else.)


Disability shouldn't be a source of discomfort. It should be celebrated. And that is why we're here.


The more we talk about disability, the more normalized these conversations become, and the more understanding and inclusive our world can be. 


It all started with a cat.

You see, Maya has a chromosome abnormality. When Lauren and Harrison saw her adoption photo online — with her googly eyes, big whiskers, and messy fur — we fell in love. So we adopted her!


Her adoption post went semi-viral during the process, and many wanted to keep up with her story.


So we started an Instagram expecting a few followers who would lose interest after a few weeks. But her following just grew and grew! We knew we wanted to use her platform for good.


And some incredible girls!

Maya's catmom and AllWorthy founder, Lauren, has been coaching a Special Olympics gymnastics team nearly every Saturday since she was 12 years old. (That's over 15 years!)

By essentially growing up surrounded by disabilities of all kinds, Lauren always knew how important inclusion was, and never understood why others didn't see things the same way. 

Now, it's a platform.

We are proud to be platform for open dialogue, and to help others have open dialogue, too.


Because more conversations mean more understanding, and more understanding is what our world needs most.


Because we are all worthy of being accepted and included.

Maya beside her book
Lauen Beader and Harrison Makofsky holding Maya and Dragon
Yellow Jackets Special Olympics gymnastics team
Maya in front of her fan art
An inclusive group of friens
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Meet Maya Cat book with craft
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No shady stuff. We promise. (Don't believe us? Ask us anything.)

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