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kindness collection

What does kindness look like to you?


No, really! We're asking you — yes, you! Because everyone could use a little kindness right now, and we want to help spread it.


How to get involved

  1. Think about what kindness looks like, sounds like, smells like, feels like, or even tastes like

  2. Share it on your social media in any form (a photo, some artwork, a video, a song, etc.) 

  3. Tag @meetmayacat or @allworthyorg using #CollectingKindness

  4. Tell all your friends! (the more, the merrier)

What you get 

Apart from the joy that comes with even just thinking about being kind, all participants will be shared on Maya's social media. We'll also be giving away all sorts of gifts to random participants — things like signed books, stickers, t-shirts, and maybe even some toilet paper.


Let's see how much kindness
Maya can collect! 

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Donate today

Support our mission with a one-time or monthly donation. It's tax-deductible, you can be certain that 100% of all funds raised goes straight to the cause.
No shady stuff. We promise. (Don't believe us? Ask us anything.)

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