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Shopping guide

Support the disability community by shopping from these awesome companies!

Kayla Snover Studio.jpg
Kayla Sover Studio Tree.jpg

1. Kayla Snover Studio


Kayla is a super talented artist who lives and breathes in the world of color. She makes stunning and sustainable wall art and standing Christmas trees out of recycled Tyvek. Kayla has Down syndrome, and is an AllWorthy board member!

Shop Kayla Snover Studio on Etsy

two blind brothers.png

2. Two Blind Brothers


These brothers are making huge waves for the vision-impaired community, with 100% of their profits going toward finding a cure for blindness. Their high quality, stylish apparel makes for the perfect holiday gift. And you can even shop blind on their site!

Shop Two Blind Brothers


3. Dance Happy Designs


This group of three friends makes super cute, high quality bags and pouches by hand with original patterns. One of the three friends has Down syndrome, and all three of them participate equally in their business because they believe everyone deserves the opportunity to have a meaningful career and fulfilling life. You can even find them at Madewell!

Shop Dance Happy Designs

Matthew's bonfire bb1 sauce
Matthew posing in front of his sauce

4. Matthew's Bonfire BBQ


The holidays are the perfect time to get a little saucy. Matthew is a master griller who also has Down syndrome. He is committed to disability awareness, expanding opportunities for all, and spreading love, warmth, and comfort to all who try his product. Who doesn't love food, fire, and friends?

Shop Matthew's Bonfire BBQ

Innersense founder and her daughter, who has Williams syndrome
Innersense haircare products

5. Innersense Organic Beauty


This organic haircare company is all about clean beauty. With a variety of stellar-smelling products for all kinds of hair types, you're bound to fall in love with at least one bottle! Innersense helps fundraise for a variety of causes, including for William's Syndrome, which their daughter (and stellar employee) Morgan was born with.

Shop Innersense Organic Beauty

Popcorn for the People french toast flavor
Popcorn for the People holiday bundle

7. Popcorn for the People


This gourmet popcorn is sure to be a mouthwatering hit for anyone on your holiday shopping list! This non-profit employs Autistic individuals and folks with other disabilities — all with the goal of combatting the 80% Autism unemployment rate. Check out their products, and maybe grab a couple extra bags for yourself!


Shop Popcorn for the People

Girl in wheelchair wearing pink shirt that says "are you even inclusive, bro?"
t shirt - a spectrum of beautiful minds

8. Wheelchair Rapunzel


Created and designed by self-proclaimed and actual disabled boss babe Alex Dacy, this apparel shows the world that disabled bodies are beautiful. Alex is a stellar designer and an even better advocate. She's also just a total badass who has more than earned your business. 

Shop Wheelchair Rapunzel

Twenty Seven founder Jenna
candle and poster that says "things that help anxiety"

9. Twenty Seven


When Jenna O'Brien was struggling with anxiety and depression and trying to figure out how to pay for groceries, she started drawing as a way to distract her busy mind. And Twenty Seven was born! This lifestyle brand is filled with bright colors and lots of feelings — helping you design a space that reminds you of hope and joy.​ With everything from teas, to nail polish, to stationary and accessories, you're bound to find the perfect gift here. You can even shop by mood!


Shop Twenty Seven

pink stim toys on string
spiky ball stim toys

10. StimTastic

Looking for affordable stim toys and jewelry? Look no further! Created by Autistics for Autistics,  these stim toys, chewable jewelry, and fidget toys are the perfect gifts for adults, teens, and kids with Autism, SPD, ADHD, dyspraxia, anxiety, or simply the need to fidget!

Shop StimTastic


11. Bitty & Beau's Coffee


With over 80% of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities unemployed nationwide, Beau’s Coffee created a path for people with disabilities to become more valued, accepted and included in every community. The shop is run by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and owned by a family with two children with Down syndrome: Bitty and Beau. You can order their delicious coffee and sweet merch online, or visit one of their stores in NC, SC, GA, or MD.

Shop Bitty & Beau's Coffee

finleys treats with happy dog
finleys treats with happy dogs

12. Finley's


Don’t forget about holiday treats for your furbabies! These all-natural dog treats are delicious, hypoallergenic, and healthy. Started by two former special education teachers to serve a greater purpose through our pets, their goal is to create paid employment opportunities for people with disabilities. They even dedicate 50% of net profits to initiatives that provide employment training, accessibility, health & wellness, and advocacy platforms for people with disabilities.

Shop Finley's

angie and ruby braille jewelry

13. Angie and Ruby


Angie and Ruby are an awesome momma-daughter team that create beautiful pieces of Braille jewelry, apparel, and accessories. Their goal is simple: to make the world a more accepting, loving, and inclusive place. And they're doing a great job, too. 

Shop Angie and Ruby

rainbow and enough necklace
rings with stones in them

14. Shop Wrenn


In 2013, Alissa Wrenn Smith was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins follicular b-cell lymphoma on top of a longtime struggle with Crohn's disease. The life changing diagnoses inspired her to start making custom jewelry pieces with special meaning. Her jewelry is one-of-a-kind and made by her, which makes gifting it that much more meaningful. 

Shop Wrenn

shoes on feet feet in shoes, everyone wearing jeans, one person in a wheelchair

15. Billy Footwear


This shoe company is the definition of universal design. When cofounder Billy became paralyzed from the chest down, he couldn't find a pair of shoes that he felt were both attractive and that he could put on independently. So he and his partner, Darin made some. They're on a mission to create mainstream shoes that are functional, fashionable, and inclusive for everyone. 

Shop Billy Footwear

Designs by Siri Bracelets

16. Designs By Siri


Siri is a talented jewelry designer whose vision is to help provide a meaningful and productive life for people with Autism.  Born with Autism, herself, she is proof that people with Autism are talented and capable of producing high-quality goods. Her work is incredible! 

Shop Designs By Siri


17. Margrit Co.


Inspired by owner Maggie Blair's younger brother, Matthew, who has Down syndrome, every colorful piece of jewelry at Margrit Co. is made of recycled glass and matted to replicate sea glass. It's all wrapped and designed by hand, and 15% of profits go to their own scholarship fund that provides mentorship, education, and business startup funds to individuals with Down Syndrome who want to become entrepreneurs.

Shop Margrit Co

Box of tea canisters
Te posing with her tea

18. Cup of Té


Based in Ontario, Canada, Cup of Té provides looseleaf organic teas and teaware. They began in 2008 when founder Taylor Lindsay-Noel, an aspiring Olympic gymnast, had an accident during training that left her paralyzed and in a wheelchair. Driven to overcome her challenges and transform her situation into something meaningful and valuable, she started Cup of Té. Her teas are incredible (um hello, she was recognized by Oprah!), and she even donates $1 from every Starter Kit to mental health awareness causes. 

Shop Cup of Té

Trista smiling with her bandannas
mask with dog paws and bones

19. Trista's Sunshine Company


Trista ​is a talented sewer, artist, and gymnast. She also is a 31-year-old woman with Down syndrome. From masks, to headbands, to dog bandanas and baby burp cloths, every item she sells is handmade by her and absolutely one-of-a-kind. 

Shop Trista's Sunshine Company

Platter of cookies with cinnamon sticks and chocolate chips

20. Collettey's Cookies


Collette ​has Down syndrome — and perhaps the most delicious business on this list: cookies. She has sold over 180,000 cookies to date! Her ultimate goal is to work with lawmakers in Washington, D.C. to create policies that would increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities. 

Shop Collettey's Cookies

Gerry working on coffee roasting machine

21. The Unseen Bean


Gerry Leary, founder of the Unseen Bean, has been blind since he was born. Gerry’s love for coffee has helped him overcome every obstacle he’s faced. While other coffee roaster use their eyes to monitor the look of the beans, Gerry roasts with love. He's the only known Blind coffee roaster in the world, and his beans make a damn good cup.

Shop The Unseen Bean

Cam posing with Cam's coffee mug

22. Cam's Coffee Co


Due to a Traumatic Brain Injury, Cam lives with cognitive and physical delays. As he aged, his self-esteem suffered. So his family started a pop-up coffee business. And it just kept growing! Now, Cam's Coffee is the first organization to provide employment opportunities specifically for individuals with intellectual disabilities in his area.

Shop Cam's Coffee Co

Ryan wearing bowties up his arms
Looking Sharp

23. Ry's Ties


There's nothing like a good tie. And Ry knows it best. With a variety of neckties, bowties, socks, and accessories, you're bound to find the perfect gift for the dapper gentleman in your life. Because according to Ry, some people weren't meant to fit in a box.

Shop Ry's Ties

Nolan in hair net working on his jam
Sweet Heat Jam co original jam

24. Sweet Heat Jam Co.

Looking for a gift for your favorite foodie? You've got to try Sweet Heat Jam Co. Chef Nolan makes hot pepper jelly with homegrown peppers and a whole lot of talent. His Sweet Heat Gift Box voted #1 Best Foodie Gift by USA Today!

Shop Sweet Heat Jam Co

Kathryn in her wheelchair with designed wheel
hands holding floral pins

25. Kannchy


Kathryn has always expressed herself through art. But when she was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at 14, expression through art became her purpose.  Today, she sells the cutest stickers, pins, lighters, prints, bags, shoes, collars, apparel, and even temporary tattoos! Her motto? Bringing original artwork into everyday life since 2015.

Shop Kannchy

ring with ASL on it
ASL dog tags

26. Rings and Coffee


Jan and Jen are twins: one Deaf, and one hearing! They make beautiful jewelry, stickers, puzzles, dog tags, and other accessories — a lot of which feature ASL (American Sign Language).  On social, you can find adorable baby videos and ASL tutorials, but on their store you can find even more!


Shop Rings and Coffee


27. Slick Chicks


The foundation of getting dressed starts with your underwear. But putting on underwear isn't easy for everyone. That's why Slick Chicks makes high-quality, moisture-wicking underwear with side fasteners: to give people with physical limitations a little more independence. These panties are made for diverse bodies — starting a trend we hope continues in the industry.


Shop Slick Chicks

Mara smiling wearing her shirt with ASL for "i love you"
Man wearing black sweatshirt with white ASL "i love you" sign

28. By Mara

Mara Ladines is a Deaf, Asian, female business owner of a small clothing store in Dumbo, Brooklyn.  The communication barriers she encountered as a Deaf individual in the fashion industry proved to be challenging. There was no accessibility, so Mara decided to go her own way.  Her shop features her unique rendition of the  “I Love You” symbol in American Sign Language on a variety of products — including ugly Christmas sweaters. 

Shop By Mara

Two young kids wear Outshine Labels tees
Four kids wear Outshine Labels tees

29. Outshine Labels


Last, but definitely not least, you've got to check out this awesome marketplace for the disability community! Founded by a rare disease mom, Outshine Labels brings people together to raise awareness and money. Every design is inspired by or created by a family or cause, and profits from every sale support them. Anyone is welcome to open their own store, as well! (You can support our organization by shopping there, as well!)


Shop Outshine Labels

Thanks for reading!


We hope you found an awesome gift from this list. Reach out if we missed anyone, and we'll be sure to add them! 

Candle next to eucalyptus

6. Flores Lane Candles


When Flores Lane founder Tricia Baden was diagnosed with late stage neurological Lyme disease and was unable to leave the house for weeks at a time, candles always made her feel better. But certain ones would make her eyes and nose itch, and she learned not all candles are made equally. So she started Flores Lane — making luxury soy candles with clean ingredients at a sustainable price.

Shop Flores Lane Candles

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