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12 questions to ask your kids besides "how was school"?

Some of our kids come home from school and immediately tell us every detail of their day. But most of our kids will just say "school was fine" or "my day was fine".

In order for us to better understand what our children are going through, so we can help them become stronger, more empathetic and more resilient kids, we need to be asking the right questions.

Here are 12 questions you can ask your kids about their day that'll yield more insightful answers.

1. What is the best thing that happened at school today?

This is a great opportunity to connect with your kid and learn what makes them light up. It's also a great opportunity to get them talking!

2. What is the worst thing that happened today?

Asking this question can help you understand what your child is struggling with. It could also be a great chance to help your child learn empathy skills.

3. What made you smile today?

By seeing what your child likes, you can better connect with them. Inviting them to remember the positives of the day is also a great way to soothe them if they had a tough day.

4. What made you feel proud today?

Celebrate the wins! Make sure your child knows how proud of them you are, always.

5. Did you meet anyone new today?

This could be a great chance to talk about those who might be different from your child, as well as ways to build social skills. You can build off this question by asking if they said hello, if they had a conversation, and what kinds of questions they asked.

6. Tell me about someone in your class you don't talk to much.

Talk about why your child doesn't interact with their classmate. Is it because they are different? This could be a great chance to talk about empathy.

7. Can you tell me an example of kindness you saw today?

Reminding our kids that we value kindness is so important. So, talk about examples of kindness!

8. Did you do anything kind today?

If so, celebrate it! If not, talk about opportunities to do kind things tomorrow.

9. What's something that happened today that you didn't really understand?

Maybe your child is struggling with a concept in class. Maybe they're struggling with something socially. Either way, showing you are here to help them make sense of the world is crucial to their development and to their confidence.

10. Did anyone do something that made you laugh today?

Get silly! See what your kid finds funny! And if it's something related to bullying, remind them of other things that can be funny — not at the expense of others.

11. What would you change about your school/ class/ teacher?

Maybe something's making them anxious. Maybe something's going on that might not be okay. This is your chance to talk about those things and make your child feel heard.

12. What are you looking forward to about school tomorrow?

End your conversation on a positive note and connect with your child by letting them talk about what's important to them!


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