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5 things to teach your kids about disability

Look. Whether or not your kids have regular exposure to people with disabilities, they will at some point, and they will have questions.

Here are some things to tell your kids about disability now, so they will grow up more understanding, more empathetic, more social, and more inclusive.

1. Disabilities aren't scary or weird.

We're all just people who want to be accepted, and everyone benefits from having a diverse group of friends.

2. ALL of us are different.

That's what makes life so cool! We all look a little different, we all like different things, and we all think differently. Some of our differences are just...more different than others!

3. We all have things in common, too.

Even if you think you might be totally different, you're bound to find SOMETHING you have in common with everyone you meet. Just give it a try!

4. Some people need some extra help.

Just like you need help with things sometimes, some people need help with things like hearing, communicating, or getting around. They might use devices or aids. These are an extension of their bodies and should be respected. Don't touch without permission!

5. Just say hello.

Nobody wants to be stared at or avoided. So, if you see someone different than you and you want to learn more about them, start by saying hi! If you notice someone sitting by themself, say hi! Everyone deserves kindness and acceptance.


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