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5 ways you can help your kid build confidence

Building self esteem for kids' safety and success. Confident kids are more likely to be more responsible, form healthy relationships, take control over their lives, stand up for themselves, speak up for themselves, try new things, and be...happier!

And if your kid is struggling with their confidence, it's important to figure out why, so you can help build them up.

Here are some signs your child is suffering from low confidence:

  • Quietness or anxiousness

  • Physical discomfort or fidgeting in social situations

  • Lack of excitement, motivation, or passion

  • Not wanting to talk to others

  • Not wanting to try new things

  • Lots of frustration

  • Negative self-talk

  • Oppositional behavior

  • Fear of new situations

There are many reasons your kid could be struggling with their confidence — from feeling like "other" due to to a disability or racial difference, to having a hard time making friends, to bullying, to simply not liking the same things as their peers.

If you feel like your child might be struggling, be sure to ask them about it. Make sure everything is okay, and that they are safe. It's important to make sure nothing serious is going on.

If not, there are some simple, everyday things you can do at home to help your child gain confidence.

What you can do every day to boost your child's confidence:

  1. Make sure your child knows you love them, no matter what. Kids want your approval and want to know they are valued and loved. So, remind them often — especially if they misbehave.

  2. Give your child a say. Choices make kids feel like they have control, and make them feel like their opinion is valued.

  3. Don’t compare. All of us are different! Comparing your kid to other kids makes them feel like they're "less than" and that you might not like them as much — even though we all know that's not the case. Don't compare yourself to others, either! Kids pick up on this. If you have negative self talk, they will, too.

  4. Praise their efforts. Make sure your child knows that trying is more important than succeeding, and keep it positive, even if they fail! Remind them that they tried, and how important it is to not succeed every time.

  5. Talk about what makes them great. Remind them what you love about them — from their hair, to their personality qualities. When we're focused on the negative, it's easy to forget all the positives.

Don't forget: our differences are what make us so awesome!


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