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Activity: we're all different

This quick activity is great for kids of all ages to learn why it's important to accept people exactly as they are.

Use this activity to remind kids that all of us are different — and that we all can find things we have in common, too.

How it works:

1. Separate kids into groups of 5-10

It doesn't matter how many groups there are, and this step is optional!

2. Ask each group to find 3 physical things they have in common.

It can be anything! We all have pet cats, we all have brown eyes, we all have ten toes.

3. Ask each group to find 3 "likes" they have in common.

What does everyone like to do? Like to eat? Play? Read? Watch on TV?

4. Now, ask them find things about each of them that are unique.

Maybe one kid wears glasses. Another might have a pet iguana. Maybe someone uses a mobility aid. All of us are different in our own way!

5. Remind them that ALL of us are different.

That's what makes our world so exciting! Life would be so boring if we were all the same. Let's embrace our differences just like we embrace our commonalities.

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