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All about the Disability Pride flag

Did you know that there's a flag for disability pride? Because of course disability is something we can be proud of.

The Disability Pride Flag was created by Ann Magill, a disabled woman. Each of its elements symbolizes a different part of the disability community.

Red stripe

The red on the Disability Pride flag stands for physical disabilities, including cerebral palsy, spinal chord injuries, paralysis, limb differences, amputations, and so many more.

Yellow stripe

This is for cognitive and intellectual disabilities, like learning disabilities, neurodivergence, Down syndrome, Autism, and so many more.

White stripe

The white represents invisible and undiagnosed disabilities, like diabetes, epilepsy, neurodivergence, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dizziness, and more.

Blue stripe

The blue on the Disability Pride flag represents those with mental illnesses, including depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, OCD, eating disorders, and more.


The green stands for sensory processing disorders and other sensory perception disabilities, like blindness, hearing loss, Deafness, autism, ADHD, and others.

The black background

This field represents the disabled people who lost their lives because of their disability, and also to negligence, suicide, and eugenics.

You might sometimes see a flag that shows these colors in a lightening bolt design, but Ann Magill redesigned the flag in July 2021 based on feedback from the disabled community that, when viewed online (especially while scrolling), the original lightning bolt design created a strobe effect, and posed a risk for people with epilepsy and migraine sufferers.

The colors were also changed to become more accessible for those with color blindness.

Several people in the Disability community collaborated on Tumblr and came to a consensus on a new design that’s more accessible to everyone.

I believe it is better for communication and awareness that we focus on one version of the flag,” Ann said.

The inclusive approach of the flag honors the true meaning behind Disability Pride.

Because everyone is welcome here.


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