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"Disability" is not a bad word. This is why we should use "disabled"

"Disability" is used as a neutral term. Someone is unable to do something the typical way because of their body.

But there's nothing wrong with disability. It's just a fact.

So why do so many people talk about "overcoming' disability" About being "sorry" for someone living with one?

People are disabled just like other people are tall or have brown eyes. That's just the way our bodies are.

When we use "disability" neutrally, it stops being thought of as something we need to overcome. Disabled people don’t overcome their disabilities anymore than others overcome their height or eye color.

We just live in our bodies, and there's nothing sad, wrong, or terrible about that. That's your ableism talking.

By owning the word "disability", we normalize it. We celebrate it as exactly what it is: a fact.

Disabled activist Carson Tueller said it best: "We cannot change a system we cannot name."

Let's name disability, celebrate disability, and fight ableism together.


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