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7 inclusive books to read with young kids during the first week of school

As we welcome the new school year, we also welcome new classmates, questions, feelings, and experiences. These children's books help kids from preschool through grade 4 feel more comfortable in their own skin, while learning to make their peers feel comfortable, too.

This book is short and simple, but brings forward a big message about acceptance. It shows kids that even though Maya is different, she has a lot in common with them, too, and wants to be treated just like everyone else. It's a great intro to disabilities for young kids!

Just like a garden, where different flowers and plants make it beautiful, different types of people make our world a more wonderful place. It helps kids with differences feel confident, and helps kids with questions not to be afraid of those different than them.

This book is about Macy, a girl with Down syndrome. It's all about how being different is a great thing to be, and provides a great message for all young kids to learn and gain confidence.

This book is about a school where diversity and inclusion are celebrated. Follow a group of students from all backgrounds and learn how they celebrate each other's differences and traditions, while reminding your child how great it is to feel welcome.

If your kid is nervous about going to school, this book can help teach them how to calm down. It's all about Dragon, a cat who is afraid of so many things, but learns that she can conquer her fears with the help of her family and friends — and that everything will be okay! It even includes a simple relaxation exercise kids love.

This inclusive and empowering picture book reminds kids to embrace differences, be confident, and be proud of who they are. It reminds kids that all of us are enough, and we all belong.

This is the story of a circle that grows and grows with new experiences. It's the perfect way to start a conversation about how to expand our worlds with kindness and inclusivity — even if it sometimes seems scary or uncomfortable.

Have a book we forgot to include?


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